Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Tuberculosis one of the leading causes of death during the 30's thru the 50's became  a major concern in Kentucky

Those infected with the disease had to be isolated from society and placed in sanatoriums.

I remember it getting pretty bad in Southeastern Kentucky were we lived, during that time.

A new hospital for treating Tuberculosis was built in... London, our home town in the 50's.

Symptoms of this highly contagious disease included violent coughing, deep pain, and gasping for breath.

Being around some one with these symptoms, was a reason to be concerned.

The vapor droplets from the cough,  was one of the main ways it was transmitted.

Many of the Health Departments in  Eastern Kentucky.

Stepped up their effort during this time , visiting schools immunizing  for typhoid, chicken pox, Diphtheria, and  examining for symptoms of  the Tuberculosis disease  .

Thank God none of our family got TB .

Also thank God for the discovery of Penicillin, which was key in helping to contain it in a few  short years.

The hospital built in London wasn't needed anymore after that .

As a result ,  people who worked there lost their  jobs,  but that didn't bother them, they were  glad   a cure for Tuberculosis had been found . 

Today the hospital remains at its original site  .

 Driving by it, you are reminded of the roll it played, in helping to wipe out TB .

The success achieved there,  was nothing short of a Miracle .

Thank God, for modern day technology and people who work in the medical field  they've help save countless lives.

Making it possible to close sanatoriums, like the one built in London .

And leaving behind only memories of the dreadful disease that , once was rampant there . 

Until Next  Time.    God Bless.

My Meditation by,  Coleman


Tuesday, January 24, 2017


 Mother  taught me  as a youngster to say "thank you"  when someone gave you something, or offered   a helping hand.

Or if things didn't  always go my way "to still be thankful".

Since those early years I've  tried my best to practice her teachings .

For the most part I've been able to honor Mothers guidance .

The harder one for me has been learning how to be thankful when things don't go well.

Mother said  she discovered  how to do that, during her reading  of the Bible .

Thankfulness isn't ones usual response, when things go wrong  .

We may have many good things for which to be thankful- for ---but let just one bad thing happen and we will think about that bad experience for weeks and  even years.

With out ever being thankful  .

Mother explained to me... we should always give thanks for "everything"... that happens in our life... including those that aren't so good .

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Each of us should be reminded; of the thankfulness,  Matthew Henry (A English Minister) demonstrated when he was mugged.

A man once stole Matthew Henry’s wallet. In reflecting on the incident, Henry said;

 I am thankful that he never robbed me before,

 I am thankful that although he took my wallet, he did not take my life.

 Although he took all I had, it was not much,

 I am glad that it was I who was robbed, not I who did the robbing.

 Many times its hard for us to be as forgiving and thankful as Matthew Henry was, when things went wrong for him.

Matthew Henry practiced God's policy the one Mother told me about about ... and it worked for him... if we will be thankful for all things...it will work for us... the same way .

 I shall always treasure the good advice from my Mother on being thankful.

As well as God's advice on how to be thankful when things don't go my way .

Until next time,  God  Bless .

My Meditations by,  Coleman


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Extra Money

 Many  small farmer's in Laurel Co. Kentucky looked for ways to supplement their income during the 1950's. 

The state's broiler industry was experiencing growth during that time.

A lot of the farmers, started contracting with the broiler Industry to raise chickens.

The broiler Industry  provided the chicks, feed, medication and technical advise, and  helped you with the supervision needed for the operation.

Also they were helping with financing of the broiler house if you needed it .

The company retained ownership of the birds and helped you to grow their flocks until they were ready to ship out to the slaughter house.
 The growers needed man power in loading  their chickens for market when that time came  .

Earl Williams one of the first  farmers in our neighborhood to join the program, employed our family to help him with that.

We were happy to help Earl, seems like he gave us a dollar each for our effort.

Earl and the other farmers in the program didn't get rich for their effort in raising the chicks .

Neither did we in catching them.

But it was extra money to the farmers as well as for us.

The dollar we made for our part,  maybe Isn't a lot of money in todays standard .

 For us kids back then it seemed like a Hugh amount.

We  felt super rich for awhile, after receiving it, and we couldn't wait to get to the store so we could spend it.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,   Coleman

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Flood Of 1957

The flood of January-February 1957 in southeastern Kentucky was a  strange time, for that part of the State .

Heavy rains of up to 6 to12 inches fell over an extensive area of Kentucky causing extreme flooding .

London where we lived was spared from most of the  heavy flooding , Corbin...Barboursville...Pineville.... Manchester...Hazard... Williamsburg... didn't fair so well.

Corbin had up to 10 feet of water in its downtown area.

Barboursville 10 feet  .

Williamsburg with 3  feet or more .

Laurel River near our home;  was out of banks several days causing widespread flooding and damage  a long its path.

The  U.S. Army assigned  helicopters to transport food, medical supplies, and clothing into the stricken
area's, They were headquartered at the London, Ky. airport.

Along with the U.S. Army helicopters, Army Engineers from Fort Knox  Kentucky were stationed there as well..

Units of the National Guard were called in by the Governor for duty, to help distribute relief supplies, and  perform security duties,  as well as assist in the cleanup work.

Eisenhower was President at the time, he declared the flooded region a disaster area.

Kentucky got National attention during the flooding.

 I remember no one in our community had ever seen anything like this happen in  their life time.

 People volunteered, and helped one another, and with the aid received  from the State and Federal Government,   they were able to clean up and rebuilt the area pretty fast.

Today  if you were to tour the same areas, you would never know such a disaster ever took place .

Everything looks free from flood damage and is modern, and up to date now.

Many people thought at the time of the flooding, they might not ever see that happen .

But when Southern people pull together (Nothing is impossible they say)  good things can happen as they did in this time of need.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman Schell