Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Radio Station WFTG

During my teenage years, radio stations were starting to spring up all around London, Kentucky.

The first radio station we could hear from the Whitley, Knox, Laurel County area, was WCTT, of Corbin,  which began its operation in 1947.

 The station's program listings were pretty much ,bluegrass country and gospel .

 One of the old-time country groups  I remember hearing on the station , was Homer Lee Jackson and his Kentucky Hillbillies. 

Quite a group they were, they could keep you laughing doing their country style music.

Gospel quartets appeared regularly on many of the stations.

London Kentucky got its station in 1955 its call letters were WFTG  The call letters have informally been interpreted as, "Where Fine Tobacco Grows" due to its location in the tobacco trading district of London.

WFTG became Dads favorite radio station.... the station broadcast live local Church Services on Sunday evenings  and that was one thing dad enjoyed listening to.

Once he got interested in a program  it was hard to get him away from his radio,.

If you came by to visit dad on Sunday evenings during his favorite broadcast time, you most likely would be listening to the broadcast with him.

 Since dad didn't attend church regularly on Sunday's , at the time, the broadcast kind of, filled in for his worship time that he missed in Church.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by, Coleman  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When T.V. came to our neighborhood

During the early 50's our neighbors Earl & Opal Williams were the first to own a television set in our neighborhood.

They were happy about that, and honored to be the first.

To show their enthusiasm, they invited all of their neighbors and friends including our family to come visit them, and watch their new T.V.

 Our invitation came on a Friday night,  and my  very first view of T.V. was to see 
John Cameron Swayze doing the 6:00 pm news .

John was reporting on what was going on with the war in Korea, and about the out break of  Polio in the U.S.

Also about some big changes for cars being made in America.

 Cars were going to be fitted with automatic transmissions soon he said.

 It would be a big improvement over manual shifting transmissions when that happened.

The commercials  on his broadcast were as  interesting as the news for me, the commercial I remember most,  was one  about Timex watches.

Where he recited the tagline "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking." that line has stuck with me ever since.

A couple years later we got our own T.V.

WATE , Channel 6 from Knoxville Tennessee  became our favorite channel.

The Cas Walker program, was a local country music show hosted by former Knoxville Mayor, Cas Walker.

 Cas owned a chain of grocery stores in Eastern Tennessee, Southwestern Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky.

His show featured Dolly Parton when she was a little girl, way before she became famous.

Our family's introduction to T.V. got started that Friday night, by just  a simple little invitation from Earl & Opal Williams . 

And has brought our family much appreciation  over the years for the new way of life  they introduced us too.

Even when I watch  my T.V. today I'm reminded of Earl & Opal Williams kindness and friendship  they showed to our family that night, so many years ago.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditation by,  Coleman

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rockcastle River

The Rockcastle River, whose flow forms the border of Rockcastle and Laurel counties, is one of Kentucky's best whitewater streams.

Named for its castle-like rock formations. It is about 60 to 80 feet wide throughout its length.

 And is noted for its native walleye population.

The River takes on many forms during its journey.

A trip down the lower Rockcastle is one of the most adventurous and remote trips into the Appalachian wilderness you can take without hiking maybe the Appalachian trail. 

I first visited the Rockcastle river as a young boy  with  Uncle Clarence Parman Nick-named (TUDD) and his wife Edna who took us there, for a Sunday evening  boat ride.

Uncle (TUDD) had an old friend that lived  near Livingston Kentucky, who  rented out  paddle boats for the river.

Mother and Dad  "Chickened Out On Us" by the time we got there and wasn't about to get into the boat with Uncle (TUDD) and Edna, no matter how much sweet talking  they used .

They  had come strictly for site seeing; and that was all...so sister Fern and I got to go for  our first boat ride... down the splendid  Rockcastle river.

In life jackets that didn't fit us all that well, but did make Mother and Dad feel better, that we had them on.

Uncle(TUDD) did the paddling  for us, as we made our journey down the slow moving waters of the little river,  passing  some of the most beautiful rock formations I 'd ever seen .

For a good while we drifted slowly along on the beautiful scenic river, soaking in its beauty.

 Uncle TUDD pointing out  some of the more notable scenes  along the way. 

 Eventually we made our way back to where we started from, and where we had left Mother and Dad.

By that time they were totally worried about us you could see it on their faces.

Dad from the time we were kids always cautioned us about being in water that was over our heads in depth, until we knew how to swim.

Made sense to Dad I suppose if to no one else.

Don't think he ever changed his view on that one as long as I can remember . 

I'm pretty sure him and mother were totally  relieved that day, when we returned the boat to Uncle TUDD's friend and headed home.

But for the rest of us, we'd had  wonderful time, paddling down the  amazing Rockcastle River enjoying all  the  Appalachian  beauty along the way.

Even though Sister Fern and I hadn't learned how to swim yet.

Until Next Time.  God bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman




Tuesday, September 6, 2016

London Church Furniture

 My father Veltie Schell worked for  "London Church Furniture ." several years before leaving  because of a Medical Disability.

It was the best paying job he ever had, and one that he enjoyed the most . 

"London Church Furniture" came to London, Kentucky in 1953 and Dad started working for them a short time  later.

The Company manufactured pews and designed furniture for churches, funeral homes, and courthouses,  throughout the eastern United States.

Their quality of work was second to none, and was good enough to be warranted  for 25 years of service.

Dad hired in as general labor, and soon move up, to  foreman  .

 Working from drawings  issued to him and  using his good judgment of lumber , dad was able to amaze   management  with his judgmental skills.

When he was forced to retire after the stroke he was sorely missed.

The supervisor  for London Church Furniture came by, several times while he was recuperating  to check on him , and  personally thank him  for his service with the Company .

Meant a lot to Dad;  because he longed to go back to work at London Church Furniture, but was never able to.

If your Church has pews made of wood and your Church is located in the Eastern part of the United States, good chance Dad and his crew cut the lumber for them .

And most a surely your Church pews, funeral home, or  city's court house furniture, will get  its 25 years of warranted service.

Because of the skillful craftsmanship built into them by the family of workers at "London Church Furniture" .

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman