Monday, March 23, 2015

Berry Picking

I love berries period. whether they be strawberries, raspberries, blue berries, blackberries or what ever berry it is, if it says berries on it... there is a good chance I like it.

One of the things we did on the farm while I was growing up; was blackberry picking.

Picking time in Kentucky came around the first of July, if there was proper rain and sun for a week or so.

You knew the berries were ready to pick when they became black and would pull freely from the thorny brier plant they grew on, with only a slight pull.

If the berries are red or purple and hard to pull from the brier, they're not ripe yet.

With Blackberry picking came a few chiggers, known by some as (red bugs) so small you could barley see them with the naked eye.

These unwelcome  pest were the downside of berry picking.

They would get on your clothes from the weeds and grass; and  crawl on to your skin and attach themselves to you.

Once they were attached, you talk about scratching and digging, it reminded me of dogs with the flees when that happened.

Once the picking was over ,the berries got washed and made into blackberry jam or jelly.

Fighting the chiggers for the berries was part of the process to berry picking I reckon .

I can still feel myself scratching, just thinking about them critters,  after all these years.

Some things just seem to stick with you, berry picking and chiggers was one of them for me.

Until Next time,  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Better Place A Better Time ?

I some times wish I could have lived back in the days when Kentucky was first settled.

When the first Log Houses were built; there was fear I know, but still there was a peace and quietness like none  we can ever know now.

Those houses stood in a little cleared place in the forest, some in level places, some in the valley at the foot of a hill.

There was peaceful quite evenings as folks set by the door at the close of day.

The children playing in the yards, a father playing some tunes on a fiddle before they would go in the house.

I can imagine how bright the moon and stars would shine on those little homes.

And how quite it was after everyone had gone to bed, maybe just a barking dog, or a hoot owl hollering.

To break the stillness of the night.

I would loved to have lived back in those times and took a walk through the tall trees that stood in the forest and seen all of those beautiful wild flowers.

I can't bring back yesterday, but my mind still likes to reminisce  occasionally.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

Coleman Schell

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Is on The Way

We're less than a month away from the official start of spring.

In fact it is scheduled to happen March 20th on the calendar.

If you live in Michigan you are probably already hearing chirping from the birds outside your window.

Signaling some of the overwintering black-capped chickadees... and early-returning robins... making their way back from the warmer climates.

After a winter's worth of snowdrifts and below-zero temperatures...  high heating bills... spring is certainly going to be a welcome relief for Michigan Ganders this year.

The cold, salt and snow have taken their toll, especially  on our roads we have pot hole's galore.

The remaining snow on the ground, is less than beautiful now, more black than white.

The birds search for bare spots near buildings and fences to warm them selves and search for food.

Their instincts are telling them to preserver; spring isn't far away and for some... unknown reason... to me they always seem to get it right.

I'm amazed... I shouldn't be but I am... how nature responds to Gods time clock, without fail.

 Especially how it  seems to know preciously His schedule for seasonal change.

Maybe its a mysterie God has kept for Himself.

Spring is on the way folks... I heard it from the birds I'm feeling they have it right once again... what a you think ?.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Morning Glory's

Morning Glory's were one of Mother(Jewel Schell's) favorite flowers, she grew them every year.

 Recognized and elaborated on by many, for their beauty  .

You could say; Mother had a green thumb, when it came to raising  Morning Glory's I suppose.

Some of the ones I remember most vividly, she planted by the kitchen window near the Propane tanks at our home.

They just grew and grew and grew ...and by summers end... they had reached a height  of  8 feet or more.

Climbing all the way to the top of the windows and  beyond.

The Morning Glory's...  were white on the inside with blue outer edges... don't remember the name of them.

Never knew for sure what her secret was for growing them.

The one thing I do remember about her daily care  of the Morning Glory's was... she watered them each day... using the dirty dish water from the dishes.

Not sure what that had to do with her Morning Glory success..."maybe nothing"... but what I do know is they amazedly responded to her loving care.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman  Schell