Sunday, May 26, 2013


Some years ago there was a popular song that  talks about some one looking back over their life and proclaiming proudly how they did things their way.

About self-satisfaction, not answering to anyone about their lifestyle or their choices. which is the exact opposite of how God has called us to live.

Just how do we live life Gods way, instead of our own way ?   First we must consider whether we've erected  a "Hands off" sign over certain areas of our life, that don't allow Him to lead us.

We're to set aside our agendas and focus instead on our relationship with God and the things that please Him.

God takes full responsibility for the life that is committed to Him and will provide the things we need to follow His instructions, even when our feelings say, we have insufficient resources or skills.

 What do your choices reveal?  are you willing to try it Gods way ? Or would you rather have it your way.  It's never too late to change your mind and say "I did it Gods way."

Saturday, May 25, 2013


If God were to remove all evil from the world and some how left us humans on the planet, would we some how become robots  ? and loose our "humanness."

Lets look at this a little closer, if God eliminated evil by programing us to perform only good acts we would loose our distinguishing mark----our ability to make choices.

We would no longer be free moral agents, we would be reduced to the status of robots and robots  do not love, love is based upon one's right to choose love.

We cannot force others to love us, we can make them serve us, or obey us, but true love is founded upon one's freedom to choose to respond

Given the choice would you rather be responsible for your actions, or be a robot with out responsibility !

Today are you using your ability to make decisions wisely--- and using it to glorify God?

Our decision making is important, its our God given right and ability; Deuteronomy 30-19    "I have set before you life and death; therefore choose life."

God wants us to love Him because, we choose to, not because we have  too ,therefore he made us in His image and not that of a robot.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Now in my seventy's I reflect back on wise  spiritual leadership, people that had a positive  impact on my life.

In the Bible we observed some of the ways spiritual leaders can help us grow--- they encourage us--- they build solid spiritual structures into our lives---and they have a listening ear when we hurt.

King Solomon wisely observed some of their ways
In Ecclesiastes 12:11 He wrote it this way;
The words of the wise are like goads, and the words of scholars are well-driven nails, given by one shepherd. 

My father taught me high standards on honesty, discipline, and self respect.

My mother instilled me to love others, and have a humble heart.

One of my Pastors taught me the love of helping others.

What a privilege to have been led and mentored by the words of the wise

May our words cast light on the heart of God and His wisdom. 



Mother & Father Rules Verses God's Rules

Some of us children may have balked at our parent's rules, when we were growing up.

Thinking they were  robbing us of fun and pleasure in the early years of our lives, later on we realized those rules and standards, allowed for an orderly household.

Looking  at our parents rules verses God's rules found in the Bible we see boundaries which protest us from our worst inclinations.

 Kinda like driving a car, when we abide by the rules our journey is a lot smoother and we find Protection, and an opportunity for a true and lasting ride.

 Thank you Mom and Dad and God for your help, may your rules keep us on the right course through out our lives.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Unseen and unrecognized by the world, they never fail in their appointed tasks.

Much has been written  about Angels---often not based on the Bible but on popular ledgens.

Angels are real and God has commanded them to watch over us.

He will give His Angels charge of you, to guard you in all your ways.     Psalms  91: 11

I suppose only in eternity will we know how many accidents they prevented, or how they kept satan and his malicious spirits at bay.

The next time you have a close call and you make it through it alright, thank God for the love He expresses through their service.  

Sunday, May 5, 2013


The Bible reveals that God has a plan for every life, and that if we live in fellowship with Him, He will direct and lead us in the fulfillment of this plan.

God doesn't reveal His plans through fortune tellers, astrologers, soothsayers,  and workers of hocuspocus. His perfect will is reserved for those who have trusted Christ for salvation.

You can not know the will of God for your life, unless you first come to the cross and receive Christ as Lord and savior, once you do that, you begin a whole new life.

From that moment on God wants to show you His will. He shares His secrets only with those who are redeemed and humbly seek His plan for their lives.

Why not ask Him to share with you, His perfect plan for your life, He will if you ask Him. 

Romans 12: 2

Says He will prove it to you.