Monday, October 29, 2012


         The Bible warned the people of Noah's day, they laughed at Noah and mocked the words Noah spoke to them from the Bible and went about their usual lives.
          With out ever realizing he might be right.   Gen  6-3  "My spirit shall not strive with man forever."
          Eventually God's patience gave out and He allowed the rain to come.
         Men and women begged to get aboard the ark, but it was to late.
         Soon there was enough water to flood the earth and lift the ark safely up on the waters.
         Every soul out side the ark perished , most surely it was a sad time for Noah and his family, because they had done all they could to warn the people.
         God is speaking to His people once again. "Get aboard My ark, My ark of salvation" Don't be one to ignore His call as those did in Noah's day, God's greater ark of salvation is ready for boarding.
         He is standing ready to welcome you aboard, why wait any longer, get aboard today while the Master is calling, tomorrow could be to late.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


         Each of us has a conscience, that acts as a judge over our thoughts our words and our deeds.

         Our conscience can be distorted depending on how we have used it or abused it.

         The main thing that defiles our conscience is sin, the Bible tells us .
         The best way to clean it up and keep it clean, is by the purifying work of the Holy Spirit.

         Our conscience is important to us, God uses it to warn us of danger and to convince us of things we do wrong.

         Is God speaking to your conscience today? About something you may be doing that you know dishonors Christ.

         Don't ignore that small still voice and think it doesn't matter.

         Keep your conscience clean.      THE BLOOD OF CHRIST WILL CLEANSE OUR CONSCIENCE.     HEBREWS   9: 14  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


           Have you ever ask God the question:   Why are you allowing me or my loved ones to suffer like this?
          When we experience difficult times we usually pray to God and ask Him for immediate relief, how ever we all know God answers prayer in His own time.
          After suffering awhile we start wondering why God hasn't intervened, we begin questing ourselves, what have I done to deserve this and we even question whether God even cares.
          We may even feel God has abandoned us, it is common for us to feel isolated from God, during difficult times.
         How ever the Bible assures us God is present even when He seems far away, God is walking right along beside us, God is never late, when it comes to handling our painful situation He is always on time.
         Never give up on God, the Bible teaches we are going to suffer many different ways.
         When we suffer let us remember always be faithful to God, Gods timing is perfect.
         keep your faith and trust in God, if you do you will get through your difficult time.   

Saturday, October 13, 2012


As you pass this little church, be sure to plan a visit, so when at last you're carried in, God want ask " Who is it?"

Tomorrows forecast; God reigns and the Son shines.

Honk if you love Jesus; text while driving, if you want to meet Him.

Get off Facebook and into my book. 

Life with out God is like an un sharpened pencil  -  No point.

Today's  sermon; the danger of gossip.   Today's Hymn; I love to tell the story.

Forbidden fruit creates many jams.

If God seems far away; guess who moved.

Try Jesus if you don't like Him, the devil  will always take you back.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Exodus  4: 2      And the Lord said unto him What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.

A simple question what do you have in your hand?  Do you like to, talk, cook, sew, keep things organized, work with your hands,  this could be a clue as to what God is asking you to do for Him.

Who would have thought God could have used a simple shepherds staff that Moses was carrying in his hand, along with his faith to change Moses life for ever and the course of history.

God used that simple wooden staff to deliver the Israelite s from pharaoh, to open up the Red Sea, to bring water from a rock.

Do you ever wonder how God could use you?  No matter how simple it may seem to you, God can supernaturally use whats in your hand to do His work in your life.

Common people just like you and I can be used in His work. What kind of difference can it make in your life?   It changed Moses life for ever.  Do you want it to change yours?  When God ask whats in your hand,  let Him use you and the gift. Remember God has given you the gift, for a reason, let Him use yours the way it pleases Him? And your life like Moses will never be the same again.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


    1.    Man who lived to be 969 year's old.  Gen. 5: 27
    2.   Man who had a bed that was 13 1/2 feet long and 6 feet wide. Deuteronomy 3:11
    3.    Sun stood still for a whole day.  Joshua  10: 13
    4.    An army with seven hundred left handed  men.   Judges  7: 5
    5.    Man who had twelve fingers and twelve toes. 2 Samuel  21: 20
    6.    Ax that floated in water. 2 Kings  6: 1-6
    7.    Man that had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines.  1  Kings   11: 3
    8.   Father who had eighty eight children.   2   Chronicles  11: 21
    9.    A man whose life was increased by 15 years because he prayed.  Isaiah  38:  1-5
    10.    Graveyard full of dead bones resurrected.  Ezekiel  37:  1-10