Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Early Morning Chores

Life on the farm, you might say settled into a routine after awhile, early morning chores  being at the top of the list.

Early morning chores was, essential to farming.

As a young boy, dad always woke me up early in the morning to help milk the cows... and feed... the rest of his livestock.

Like most teenagers, I disliked early morning chore's  immensely .

I knew dad's views on the matter,  was way  different than mine.

 His view and recommendation for early morning chores, were get-er done boy with a capital D. 

Seems like when the teenage years come your way , and you're at the peak of growing, you need a little more sleep...at least...  that's the way I felt about it.

One morning while doing my chores, I made a  unusual and most shocking discovery.

Gathering corn from the crib,a black snake managed to get into my basket while filling it up with corn .

I wanted to destroy that thing so badly.  But could hear dad in my head saying .

Don't destroy black snakes son.  Because they are your friend, they catch and keep mice away from the barn.

At the moment I wasn't sure if that was good thinking or not,  I  thought maybe mice were better to deal with, than the snake .

I did spare the snakes life, and let it go against my best wishes.  All the while hoping it would just leave the barn, and never come back.

  From then on, my early morning visits to the corn crib,became more cautious .

Maybe the  black snake sensed I was afraid of it when I let it go.

And never came back anymore, Don't know, I was well pleased  with the out come.

Until this day,  I have never developed a liking for black snakes.     Page 199

Until next time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman