Saturday, April 1, 2017

Uncle Larence

Uncle Lawrence lived in the State of Oregon for many years.

Lawrence had run into a little trouble with the law, in Kentucky back in his younger days.

When that didn't go to well, he decided it was time to make a fresh start somewhere else.

Catching a train to Oregon, took him several days  and all the money he had .

 About the only skill's Lawrence had was  raising cattle and herding  sheep .

As fate would have it, at the train station in Oregon.

An older gentlemen started a conversation with him, asking where he was headed ,and if he had any place to stay.

That was an answer to prayer for Larence.

Lawrence told him, he was looking for a place to stay and some kind of  a job.

Just so happened the old timer owned a thousand acre ranch and was in desperate need of help, to care for a large herd of sheep  he owned.

You might say it was a prayer answered for the both of them.

Since the trouble in Kentucky didn't get resolved for awhile

Lawrence wound up herding sheep for the old gentleman for near fifty years before returning back to his native home of Kentucky.

When he came back, the trouble had cleared up and Lawrence was able to resume life, with family and friends.

I never met my uncle Lawrence but one time in life, most of what I learned or knew about him came from  my father.

Dad said he was a good man that got into trouble to young in life, and missed out on many years of being  with his family in Kentucky  because of it.

Until Next time.   God Bless.

My Meditation by, Coleman

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