Saturday, April 1, 2017

McHargue's Mill

McHargues Mill is located near the Levi Jackson Wilderness State Park. in London, Kentucky

When I was growing up, walking  was the normal mode of travel, everywhere we went we walked.

Four or Five miles  or what ever...wasn't that big of a deal.

Walking to School, walking to Church, or  walking to town it didn't matter we were up to the task.

One Saturday mid-April Dad and I decided to walk to the park .

The route we took,  took us through  the Laurel River community and by the Jackson historic farm  near the park.

I had never been to McHargues Mill, I was looking forward to that .

As we entered the park, you could smell the aroma of  Dog Woods Blooming.

Simply a beautiful, gorgeous,  day it was... and seeing the  wooden fences,  the wood  shingled Log cabins.

Settled in among the dog woods trees made  for  an astonishing view.

 McHargue's Mill was on the outset of the park, built on the banks of Little Laurel River.

By the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1939 .

Outside the mill...and on display still today...  is a large collection of millstones.

The working stones were used in the mill and brought over the Wilderness Road by pioneers in 1805.

  We stopped and watched the water powered mill... grinding corn for awhile.

 Before leaving dad bought a bag of  the fresh ground corn meal to take home to Mother.

 I  loved my  visit to The Levi Jackson park and  McHargue's mill.

 I'm sure I couldn't walk that far today,  I'm glad I got to make that trip with Dad on that beautiful day, when I was much younger.

Until next time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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