Saturday, April 1, 2017

Learning to drive

Being a farmers son made learning to drive a pretty  easy endeavor for me .

I got my first lesson  for driving on dads old tractor.

I had been watching him drive for awhile, trying to figuring  things out.

Out of the blue he asked me to drive it to the field for him one day.

I was surprised that he asked, wasn't sure I could do it, but  I was totally eager to give it a try.

He took me through the start up procedure I'd watched him do that,  many times before .

We put the tractor in gear a little challenging for me but I managed.

Setting the hand throttle was easy,  now it was  time to let out on the clutch.

That one was a bit  tricky, I did it a little to fast causing a jerky start.

Watching dad do it, was way easier, than doing it myself.

 I   soon found out, everyone has to get the feel of the clutch for themselves.

 A few weeks later I graduated from  tractor driving and worked my way up to driving dads pick-up .

That was  way more fun than the tractor.

At 16 I  was ready to borrow the pick-up to take my road test for licensing .

Dad went a long with me to the Court House.

A State Trooper gave me my road test.

I had never been with a State Trooper before, that made me a bit nervous .

Everything went o.k. and I passed the test.

The Trooper signed my paper work.

I took it to the County Clerks office, and received my License.
 For more than 60 years now,  I have been  driving.

Probably driven more than half a million miles .

 I  still remember my first drive on dads old tractor.

Come to think of it, learning how to drive on the farm  wasn't such a bad way to learn how to drive after all .

Until next time.    God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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