Saturday, April 1, 2017


 The Laruel County Homecoming  got started in 1935  at the Levi Jackson Wilderness State Park near London Ky..

 Our family looked forward to the event each year.

 The homecoming  presented family's a opportunity to have a fun filled week-end,  just before school started.

The Homecoming was scheduled in August on the week-end of the full moon.

Russell Dyke was the founder of it .

 By the time I'd  reached my teens  the home coming was growing in leaps and bounds.

And was  being attended by hundreds from the Laruel County area.

One of the main features of the homecoming was, "The Re-enactment of the McNitt Massacre" which had taken place in the park in 1786.

The play was performed on the stage of the amphitheater by local talent.

Family's gathered around the theater to see this breath taking show. 

Using blankets on the ground for seating  and to keep them warm from the cool night air.

 Gospel singings were conducted  on Sundays, and were a special part of the homecoming, to many of its goers.

Walking with your family and friends  in the park  under a big full moon was a teenagers delight.

Looking back on the events we attended,  and the fun times we had, no wonder it left an impression on me.

As well as the many others who attended.

Until Next Time. God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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