Thursday, March 9, 2017

Unruly Goat

There's an old saying that goes something like this: "never turn your back on a goat".

Or underestimate their behavior.

Goats by nature are truly  unpredictable and inquisitive  creatures .

My Grand pa (Cap) Parman found  this out the hard way.

Going against the old saying and  acquiring himself a goat .

Things changed in just a short time for Grand Pa Parman life.

Granny Parman (my grandmother) liked to hang her clothes out on the line to dry when she did laundry.

Little did she know Grand Pa's goat would unhang them for her way before they ever got dry when she hung them out .

The goats behavior wasn't what Grand pa  expected from his newly  acquired addition to the farm by any means .

When he saw Granny's clothes scattered on the ground from the goats playful demonstration of fun.

Considering all the hard work Granny put into washing and hanging her clothes out to dry .

(Cap)was highly disappointed with his goat to say the least.

Not long after the laundry matter.

The goat  climbed upon Grand pa's car during the night  and fell through the sun-roof .

(Cap) said  during his life time , he had  never seen a goat so determined to get into mischief.

By now the goat was getting  to be a Hugh strain on family relationships and damage control was getting out of hand  .

Grand Pa decided it was time for the goat to go . 

Hearing about  (Caps) dilemma  .

A friend offered to help out, by taking the goat to his farm.

The goat seemed happy with the exchange, and Grand pa  and Granny  was even happier to see it go .

  Advice from Grand pa (Cap) Parman Don't go against the old saying about goats, if you ever decide to get one.

A goat can change,  your disposition on  life in a very short time (Cap) found out the hard way.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by, Coleman

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