Sunday, March 5, 2017

Unique Mother

Mother was special and unique in many ways, it was hard to comprehend them all.

Her heart was Hugh she loved doing things for her family.

Not leaving much time to spend on herself.

But she wouldn't have it any other way.

She amazed me with the simple things she did for us. 

Like picking out an old fashion quilting pattern.

She'd thought up in her mind .

Then making  a quilt from it, using nothing but scraps of cloth and some tender love.

Cloth she would have otherwise thrown away.

The tiny stitching  she wove into each quilt, made them beautiful and priceless.

The quilts were durable too, lasting for many years.

They had to be well made, to stand the wear and tare us kids put them through.

 Flowers were  another one of mothers  unique skills; she  planted flowers in cans, boxes, washing machine tubs. 

Boxes dad made for her, or anything else that was empty .

She'd line the containers up all around the house.

And soon you'd see proof of how  the flowers flourished and grew under her care.

Neighbors said, Mother had a green thumb like no one else, they'd ever seen.

After I got married; my wife and would come back home to visit mother and dad.

The pretty flowers, as usual would be there to greet you walked up to the front door.

Nothing ever seemed to die or weather under mothers care.

If for no other reason it seemed to live just for her.

 Mother's  uniqueness produced,  the best in what ever she did.

If it was cooking, quilting, growing flowers, or doing the laundry.

 Truly I can say... our family was blessed.... having  such a virtuous woman for a Mother .

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,    Coleman Schell

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