Thursday, March 23, 2017

Uncle Tipps Guineas

My Uncle Tipp Brock raised guineas on his Rocky Branch farm in London Kentucky.

It was  kind of a spur of the moment  thing when he started doing it.

To be honest, Uncle Tipp's decision was based pretty much on, what he had heard from some of his closest friends, and not  much of anything else.

Uncle Tipp had been told they were  known for tick and bug control.

And supposed to be good guard keepers .

He even heard they were  known to discouraged rattle snakes and copperheads from coming around.

Naturally after hearing all that it sparked an interest for Guineas with Uncle Tipp .

Are they noisy creatures ? Yes, he found that out later.

But Uncle Tipp was willing to over look the noise, if they could live up to the good report.

Guineas everyday chatter is louder than the cooing and clucking of chickens for sure.

When Guineas  discover a special treat such as —a rodent, or a small snake—they close ranks,  and circle their prey.

Making it about impossible for the prey to escape.   

 They keep up a steady rhythm  of chirps, and  chatter while holding their circle.

Uncle Tipp said it reminded him of  a bunch of noisy kids playing  at a play ground. 

Guineas are like chickens, they are programmed to return to their roosting place every night, after doing  their daily routine, usually around sundown.

Most farmers get used to their behavior, and they fit into everyday life on the farm pretty fast.

 Uncle Tipp was impressed with his Guineas.

Him and the Guineas seemed to be a good match, and he kept some for as long as he had his farm .

Until next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditation by,  Coleman

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