Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Uncle Tipp Trades hoof power for Cub power

A sunny day just before the Spring equinox, My Uncle Tipp Brock  set out to clear one his  pasture fields .

 The thawed field was spongy,  still filled with water left over from the winter months.

 Due to warmer weather, grass was starting to grow under tangled branches of  fallen trees.

Uncle Tipp's new Farmall Cub tractor, he'd  bought during the winter, was going to be of great help, in the clearing process.

Uncle Tipp  was  getting most eager, to put his tractor to work.

Denver my brother became the first person to drive the new tractor.

For the most part it was because of the confidence Uncle Tipp had  in Denver's driving ability.

 Denver had been living with my Uncle Tipp and Uncle Grover for awhile off and on, and Uncle Grover, had taught Denver how to drive.

Using his farm truck.

From the way he took to driving the tractor;  you might have thought he'd been driving all his life.

Uncle Tipp was hoping he could get rid of his team of horses now, if the new tractor worked out  and doing things the old fashion way .

After putting the tractor  through vigorous testing, Uncle Tipp became confident that hoof power was out now, and Cub Power was in.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditation by, Coleman


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