Monday, March 27, 2017

Uncle Soloman

The coming of the railroad to Harlan County Kentucky  sparked a feverish boom for coal mining in the 1940's. 

 My Uncle Solomon Schell settled into  Evarts near Harlan during that time.

Little did he know,it would change his life for ever .

The pay Solomon received for mining was better than anything else he had  ever done.

And he seemed to enjoy the work.

While working there Solomon met the love of his life Celia Kelly.

They were married in 1940.

To their union were born four boys and two girls.

Solomon was  proud of his family and his new way of life.

Harlan County had become a place like no other  on earth to Uncle Solomon it became his life and his home.

He enjoyed working in the mines and living there with his family .

Solomon suffered numerous  injury's while in the mines, but it didn't stop his love for mining . 

In June of 1967 Uncle Solomon  suffered a stroke, and passed away .

A scenic view from the cemetery where he was buried portrayed the famous Black Mountains where  Uncle Solomon  mined coal  . 

 Trains carrying the valuable Black Gold traveled by the cemetery daily.

I remember attending his funeral and viewing the  wonderful view,  from the cemetery.

Thinking to myself what a special life Solomon, had lived there near those mountains.

Getting to do what he wanted to do in life, and  raising a wonderful family.

 Solomon couldn't have ask for much more I reckon.

Solomon always told me I was one of his favorite nephews   I still remember those kind words, yet  today  .

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditation by, Coleman

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