Friday, March 24, 2017

Turtle Hunting

The best place you would ever find for turtle hunting,  was near our home, on Laurel River in the great State of Kentucky.

This slow moving river had lots of drifts , providing good hiding places for the turtle. 

One of the few champions for turtle hunting, was Ed Gray a dear friend of ours.

Ed seemed to be a natural born turtle hunter in every way.

Proving his skills valuable ever time he rustled up a  hunting trip.

One  fourth of July, Ed came by  our home, to see if dad was up to going hunting with him .

Ed and his sons knew just where to find turtles.

They seemed to have a radar sense of direction for  doing that .

If there was a turtle anywhere close by it wasn't safe when these guys were on the prowl.

The secret to finding turtles according to Ed  was you always walked upstream in your search.

That  way you didn't muddy the water with your steps while walking in the water.

 And you could see the turtles hiding along the river bank better . 

Another  part of Ed's secret was: When you find one,  you put your five fingertips together to form a probing cone.

"That way" the turtle can nick you but he can't really bite your fingers." an important part of the secret.

Just mentioning a turtle hunt was all it took to get Ed fired up  .

Usually with in  a few minutes of  good hunting on the Laurel river, Ed would have  several  good sized turtles bagged.

And ready to go home.

Cleaning turtles for cooking was the least  exciting part of hunting for them, not easy work, and surely not a layman's job .

Once the cleaning process was complete,  you were rewarded with white meat looking a lot like chicken, and tasting somewhat the same.

"God made Adam, and God made Eve.
He must have had something up his sleeve.
Just to have fun, maybe more'n you can stand.
Then God created  Ed Gray the turtle Man.

"Seems to sum up this  turtle hunting story."

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by, Coleman

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