Friday, March 24, 2017

The Legancy of Sherman Benge

 Sherman Benge's  Farm Supply business  started around  1928 in Clay County, Kentucky.

Its founders were Sherman and Leonia Benge.

They later relocated their business to Laurel County.

Establishing it on  East  highway 80 of London, KY.

Their business has  now been serving the London - Laurel County area for many years.

Sherman became a prominent  business figure  in his move to London , much of it due to the successful business skill's  that he possessed  .

 He was appointed to the City's planning commission in London, and was helpful in shaping and fashioning business growth there for a number of years .

If you needed a reference for a job application, or borrowing some money from a bank, Sherman was about as good  a reference as you could ask for.  

My father knew Sherman when he started his business in Clay County.

Dad became a loyal customer when Sherman moved to London.

I remember going to his store in the 40's, with Dad and Mother on one of their weekly shopping visits.

Sherman had  just added a grocery store to the Farm Supply business.

The store used a pot-belly stove for heat and had  about 4 light bulbs over-head for lighting  the entire store.

Not enough to aluminate the building adequately causing it to be some what dark inside.

Leonia  Sherman's wife ran the store, she wore heavy framed glasses mid-way down her nose.

And always would look up above them  when she was talking to you.

Leonia was friendly and would sometimes give you  candy to munch on while  figuring  up your bill.

Using her old cash register that she had ever since they started in business .

I always enjoyed going to Sherman's store they made you feel like you were part of their family.  

After Sherman's passing his store was handed down to family members, that are still running it today, some seventy years later.

And the store still remains, one of London's most thriving business.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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