Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Stampers Barber Shop

 Glenn Stamper cut my hair many times on, his front porch  .

The first  time I visited Glenn was when I turned five .

My hair had gotten pretty long, dad tried  cutting it with  a pair of scissors,  but it didn't worked out to well.

So he took me to see Glenn.

Hoping he could fix-up  the blotched job.

 If anyone could do it,  He was sure it would be Glenn.

Glenn had been cutting hair for some time

Glenn was working in his garden when we arrived.

But he took time to cool  a bit, and  see if he could help us out of our dilemma  .

He sat  me down in  one of his straight back chairs.

Placed a barbers bib around my neck.

Brought out his  hand squeeze -operated hair clippers . 

And in no time he was finished.

Handed me a mirror and asked how I liked my new hair cut.

Dad and I were both impressed ,how fast Glenn had gotten rid of most of the gaps .

Needless to say Stampers barber shop became our favorite place, to get a hair cut  after that .

If Glenn were to see me today, and cut my hair, he would probably ask.

What happened  to all that thick dark hair you had ,when I repaired all to it on my front porch ?

 Looks like it has turned white, and you don't have much left to work with .

My, my, what a few years will do to change the out-look on getting a hair cut .

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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