Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sammy Dad

My great grandfather Sam Parman was a legend in his time.

Don't know how he got the name Sammy Dad.

Some of the boys in the family started calling him that... was about all I can remember about it.

Sammy Dad  was, what you might call legally blind, he could see a little, but not able to get around by himself safely.

He handled himself pretty well, most of the time.

He often sit on his front porch.

During summer months, enjoying the outdoors.

Speaking to anyone and everyone who came by.

It was amazing, how easy it was for him to recall peoples names, by hearing their voices a few times .

How such a thing is possible "I don't know" but he could do it.

People say, I  have an unusual voice, maybe that  made it easier for him to tell who I was, not sure.

Sammy Dad could be a bit fussy at times, especially as he got older .

I remember one time, visiting his home, with mother and dad.

They wanted to check on Sammy Dad, to see how he was doing .

His son Clarence was fixing breakfast, I recall when we got there,  they were fussing a bit, nothing unusual according to Clarence.

Clarence said it was  getting to be a chore, fixing things to suit him anymore

Sammy Dad's eggs had to be over easy, and his bacon crisp, or he wouldn't eat it.

 His tobacco he smoked in his pipe.

Had to  be home grown, not store bought, or he wouldn't touch it.

 Its un-telling how many times Grandpa Sammy Dad lite his pipe with home grown tobacco.... fussed over breakfast,  and watched for people to come by.

One thing is for sure  Sammy Dad; left behind a lasting  legend .

His ability's to do normal things was, some what limited.

But he never let that bother him.

Perhaps it  was even helpful, in helping him live a life of dignity, most others would have failed at.

Sammy Dads blindness made him special in many ways, guess that's why, we loved him so much.

His life enriched the Parman name . 

Something that's still being felt in the family today.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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