Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pond Memories

Many  of the farmers in southeastern Kentucky had ponds, while I was growing up there .... the  size... depended  on the imagination of the farmer.

Some were tiny, and some were pretty large.

 The larger ones could  take up to a year or longer to fill  with water.

 The farmers liked to , stock their ponds with fish after they got them built.

  Kind of gave them an excuse for Inviting   family and friends, to visit and fish for awhile later on . 

My dad chose a medium size pond for our place.

 At the end of the work day, dad would let us kids  ride his horses to the barn.

Before we got to the barn, we had to stop off at the pond for them to drank their fill of water.

I remember the horses loved wading out into the pond , where the water was deeper and clearer to get their drink.

It helped them cool off a bit from the hot summer day I reckon .

The ordeal became  scary  for a young lad like me .

 The reflection of myself and the horse in the water made it seem worse.

The horses loved blowing  onto the water to scatter the water bugs before taking their drink .

While they were doing all that,  I'd  be holding on to the harness as tight as I could .

After they got their fill of water, it was off to the barn.

Where they got curried down, ridding  them of the salty sweat accumulated on their fur  .

Life on the farm was filled with hard work, but it  also had fun time's.

 Fishing and hanging out near the pond, were some of those fun times for me.

Creating a bunch of awesome memories that have lasted me well into my latter years.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditation by, Coleman

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