Friday, March 17, 2017

Not So Churchy

 My Aunt Verne Schell  a  bit shy and a very  Nobel person didn't like a lot of fan fare .

After she became  a Christian, Aunt Verne felt she wanted to be baptized .

And since  she had always been a shy person, she preferred the baptizing  not to be a public Churchy thing.

Discussing the matter with her pastor, they reached a compromise .

One thing created a problem for them though, the little creek, where Aunt Verne wanted to be baptized, didn't have enough water in it .

Neighbors heard of the pastors problem , and volunteered to build a dam across the  little creek for them.

Aunt Verne was pleased when she heard about that . 

As fate would have it Aunt Verne's   private baptizing was now  starting to turn not so private  after all.

The day of the baptizing when she though just her the family and pastor would be the audience.

  The Church family  and all the neighbors showed up surprisingly .

Aunt Verne was a bit disappointed, but in actually she was  more touched by the out pouring of the people than anything else.

Especially since everyone had brought so much love  along with them .

Hugs  for everybody became Aunt Verne's way of saying how much she appreciated their thoughtfulness.

After the baptizing was over.

Pastor suggested  to Aunt Verne  these awesome words, "you know Verne"  God does  move in mysterious  ways sometimes."

Also he added; no one knows how, or when.

It can happen,  about anywhere, anytime,  or any place as it did for you  Verne , even if you're not  feeling to churchy about it .

Until Next Time.   God Bless. 

 My Meditations by,  Coleman

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