Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Neighbor Dave

Neighbor Dave Smallwood's family was like family to us.

They were small time farmers just like us and we were all poor.

 Living off the land trying to make a living as best we could .

My sisters and I went to school with their kids.

The kids often came by on the week ends to visit with us .

 We enjoyed that a lot , they were good kids.

Dave and his wife seemed more of the subtle  type and we seldom seen them.

Their children would tell us some things about them.

We learned Dave was in business of turning corn into liquor, or making moon-shine as Southern people called it.

We wondered why Dave planted so much corn in the spring of the year.

Especially since he didn't have many farm animals to feed...making corn liquor explained it.

There was an old southern saying Southerners liked to quote.... about Moonshining...  that went something like this.

“It’s cornbread when I’m hungry, corn whiskey when I’m dry;
Greenbacks when I’m hard up, and religion
when I die.

Making and selling alcohol wasn't just a hobby for Dave it was how he survived.

Farmers like Dave could survive by turning their corn into whisky.

As illegal as it was Dave never seemed to get into any trouble with the law, for doing his corn liquor making.

Not sure what his secret was.

Maybe because he was the quitter type person, and never talked about his business to anyone.

What ever the reason it  seemed to work for Dave  .

We opted to keep the kids revelation about the matter a secret  and not interfere with Dave's success ,since they were such good neighbors.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by, Coleman

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