Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fun While Learning

Nelly Gilbert a bit old fashion by many standards, and one that definitely was not shy when it came to mixing fun into her style of teaching .

Nelly taught at Union School, where I began school in the  first grade .

The school year started somewhere around the middle of August .

 It was during  the month of October  of the school year, when Nelly had "Kids day" for the school .

Some of the games Nelly chose for us to play, were  "Three leg foot racing " a game where  you partnered up with someone about your height.

And you and your  partner tied your inside legs together so that each pair of children has three legs rather than four.

When  the kids got partnered up, each partners  ran to the end of the play court and back.

And the ones to do that successfully first won the game.

There was also a "Sack Jumping"... game where  Participants run to a pile of  Burlap sacks.

Put both feet in one, and begin hopping toward the finish line. . again the first racer to the finish line won.

And the most interesting one to me  was "Apple bobbing"  requiring nothing more than a large tub of water.

 With enough apples to cover the surface of the water, and a group of children willing to get their faces wet.

All for just trying to get an apple from the tub of water with your mouth, using no hands.

Best I remember there was not a dry kid left at the end of that one.

Nelly had turned a day of learning, into  fun,  and excitement.

A day us kids long remembered.

Nelly received many apples at the end of that day as you might guess, as a, thank-you- token" for Kids Day at Union school .
Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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