Friday, March 31, 2017

Family Legion

My grandparents Elhannon and Phoebe lived near  Bush  a community in Eastern, Kentucky.

Where their children were born and raised  .

They lived there until 1945, when grandpa suffered a stroke, and could no longer take care of the farm.

 Because of the stroke and  because most of the children  were gone by then, he decided to sell the farm.

And move closer to  London Kentucky, away from the farm, which seemed to be to his best interest .

I  was just a youngster  when they moved  we were still living in a small two room house grandpa helped my dad build on part of the farm .

We were a close knit family and it was definitely going to be different without them

For moving they used a couple teams of horses and wagons for the journey to their new home.

I was sad to  see them moving, and it didn't help any to see them traveling by our home on the way out.

As far as the farm my uncle Coy decided to buy it from Grandpa, and keep it in the family.

Which took a big load of Grandpa because, he wanted the farm to remain that way.

The road going by the farm  still bears Grandpa's name today, and  remains open to the public .

Uncle Coy after buying the farm, was proud the community chose to name it after his father.

Grandpa,   Elhannon never fully recover from the stroke after moving to his new home, and died in 1968.

Grandma Phoebe died in 1977... they are both buried in the... "Hoskins Cemetery"... near Bush, Kentucky.

Time changes things ,but family legions  seem to live on.

Each generation that follows knits the bond a little tighter.

At least for our family Legion that seems to be true.

Until Next time,  God Bless.

My Meditations by,   Coleman Schell

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