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Eubank a small community in Pulaski County Kentucky, near Somerset  .

Had a population of less than 500 hundred people in 1954

I attended 7th grade school  that year in Eubank.

High School  and grade  school shared the same building.

That had been built around 1935 by the WPA.(Work Progress Administration) established by  President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

There was something ironic about the Eubank School; it was near... a grave yard .

Seems no other schools in Pulaski County built by the WPA had grave yards near them.

Such a thing caused a lot  people to  wonder why  . 

Most of the kids attending school there  knew  about the grave yard and it being Haunted .

Making for an interesting conversation piece.

According to residents and students in Eubank ; the cemetery was haunted by a ghostly light .

Coming from the grave of a woman buried in the cemetery many years ago.

 Seems this woman had been terrified of the dark before her death.

The light coming from her grave, was in a spectral form.

The legend went on to say the light "Still " emits the  spectral light and continues to be seen years after her death.

I asked our School superintendent Mr. Albright  about the ghostly story, and if he'd ever seen the light himself?

His answer was; he didn't believe in ghost stories, and if there was  such a light appearing at night in the cemetery , it most likely was a live person doing it.

After  a couple late night visits to the cemetery with one of my friends.

 I have to say we were never able to prove or disprove his theory  .

If I were to say one way or the other ,I would probably side with Mr. Albright  on the matter.

Most ghost story's , are hard to prove  .

But the suspense they create make them fascinating to listen to ,for the most of us.   

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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