Friday, March 17, 2017

Ed Hurley's Store

The Old Country Store's I grew up with have given way to progress, and are pretty much gone from our society today.

Country Stores operators of my day were  general merchandise experts, they knew what their customers needed.

Country Stores stocked  everyday items for  about everything we needed.

Like wash boards for washing your clothes  and Flat irons for Ironing them.

Starches,to make the clothes white again.

They carried sugar and flour to cook with... spices for flavoring your food... and Pills and tonics to keep you well.

Country stores were a one stop shop all,  for country folks like us. 

One of my favorite Country Stores was, Ed and Attie Hurley's near our home.

Their store building  had tin metal siding on it...and it looked a lot like  real masonry block.

A porch had been built across the front of the store, and  was handy for resting a spell after a long walk getting there.

Their  overhead  metal sign with the Store name, could be seen a good ways off.

Hurley's   store was located on Laurel river road in our community .

Country store buildings like Ed & Atties Hurley's have become  mostly just a reminiscence of the past today.

The smiley friendly faces of, Ed & Attie Hurley.... and one on one shopping... where the owners help you find what you couldn't find by yourself .

Was something people enjoyed a lot back then.

Sorry to say the era of Country Stores  I remember growing up with has ended  ,...Shopping Centers today, have replaced  their store names, with bright neon lighted ones.

Their stores are filled with  products from foreign Country's ,verses American made.

And you are lucky if you can find anyone to help you find something.

Parking lots  commonly  cover acres of land.

And you have to dodge the shopping carts while challenging  yourself to park.

This is some thing my generation would never have thought possible.

Sad to say, for many that read this today...they will never know the old Country Store atmosphere my generation  came to love.

And most likely they will never know and experience  the slower and simpler pace of  living...  we enjoyed  while visiting our Country stores  of yesterday .

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman


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