Friday, March 31, 2017

Chopping Wood

One thing I did a lot of;  years ago, was chopping wood .

We did it everyday...  even during the winter ... we just never seem to have enough wood .

We used wood like crazy.

Wood chopping wasn't a volunteering  thing, No it was mandatory at our home, it didn't depend on  the weather conditions  either,or anything like that .

You  just  chopped wood and kept chopping.

I remember  cold and rainy days...and snowy  days... we chopped wood.

Your feet would be aching from standing in the  snow, in shoes and socks wet for hours.

Your hands and face would be numb from the cold .

We sure could have used a modern day log splitter .

Chopping wood  was definitely  a hard way to  provide heat for your home.

But there was one thing good that did come from chopping wood, it kept you in good physical shape.

 No  modern day gym was needed  or anything like that  to shed   extra pounds .

 You had a hardy appetite everyday, and you could sleep like a baby at night .

 Wood chopping today has yielded to gas and electric heat for homes , but a few  people are still willing to chop wood  for their  wood burning stoves and  fireplaces .

 I've had my share of wood chopping No thanks I'll pass on that one .

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,   Coleman

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