Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bob Barnett

It was corn planting time,  when Bob Barnett stopped by to visit our family.

Bob  lived in what we called hill country.

 We called it that because there wasn't any level land where Bob lived , most of the houses were built on the side of a hill

About the only time Bob came out of the Hills, was when it was revival time at Union Church.

Bob had been friends with the Pastor there, for many years.

And he usually came each year, to stay a few days with the pastor and members of the church, during revival time.

Bob lived in a log cabin he built by himself in the hills, before his wife's passing.

When the sun set in the evening  at Bob cabin he didn't have any light switches to turn on , his cabin had no electricity.

For lighting Bob used kerosene lamps .

The pastor tried to get Bob to move out of the hills, and closer to Church, but Bob said it was home to him, and he couldn't think of any where else he would rather live.

 Besides that's where his heart was.

Bob was a man of meager means, with not much money or fame.

Not many folks around like Bob  today.

To Bob it wasn't about how much money you had, or how fancy your home was

It was  more about how happy you were with what you had.

The pastor and his congregation agreed whole heartily with Bob on that one, Bob had something most people long for but never achieve .

Bob enjoyed his life in the hills  and it seems he had no intentions of giving it up, anyways soon.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by, Coleman

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