Wednesday, March 22, 2017


In generations past when you needed  special tooling for  the farm.

You could buy it from the store if it was available, or you could make it your self.

Special tooling from time to time  was needed and you had to figure out ways to make things work  for you.

Dad was pretty good at revising and making things work .

I remember one time he couldn't afford  tooling for cutting his tobacco crop.

He wasn't about to be defeated in this need.

And  he enlisted the help of  our neighbor Ralph Lee to help him solve the problem.

Ralph had a blacksmith shop he used for for making things from metal .

Ralph told dad to look through the scrap metal  bin and see if there was anything that would work for the  project,.

When you think of blacksmithing, you probably picture  a man, holding a glowing piece of iron with one hand and hammering it with the other.

That pretty well described dad and Ralph as they set out forming the piece of metal dad chose from the bin.

Thanks to  neighbor Ralphs expertise in metal forming.

It wasn't long until they hammered out just what dad needed.

That session of tool making produced one of dad's prized processions.

The tool worked way better than the store bought ones.

Ralph didn't charge dad anything for his work that day.

Saying the only thing he would except as payment, would be for  dad to help him back sometime, if he ever  needed  help.

Neighbors like Ralph are rare and hard to find.

And seldom appreciated enough, quickly became  dad's consensus of neighbor Ralph .

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditation by,  Coleman

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