Sunday, March 5, 2017

Adventurous Boy

 Elmer Weaver a close friend of my dad's moved to London Kentucky.

 Leaving behind his home near the Camp Ground community.

 His place was vacant, dad heard about the vacancy, and contacted him about renting the farm for a year. 

 Elmer was pleased with dads interest and leased it to him for a year  .

They made a deal, and Our family moved to the farm in the mid 40's.

A exciting year it was; a year filled with lots of work and some adventure time for me .

I was turning 9 , adventure was at the top of my list of things to do .

During our time on the farm, I discovered what appeared to be some  Old Civil War relics.

Up in the loft of Elmer's barn.

 What I found was interesting to me , it was a box of buttons of the which I had never seen before.

When I showed them to mother she was excited as well.

She thought the buttons might be a collection  some one had started collecting from Civil War soldiers uniforms.

Any way they were unusual buttons, and I wanted to keep them .

 Mother made a deal with me, she said I could keep them  for a little while, if I would take good care of them while we were there.

At the end of the year when it was time for us to leave I must leave them where I found them.

Mother was a firm believer in not taking anything that wasn't yours.

Adventure can be fun, especially when you are young.

 The adventure I had with the buttons on Elmers farm  was a good one, I learned  available  lesson from it.

  No matter how enticing things may be, they're  still not yours if they belong to some one else.

And you know what ? I was never able to prove Mother wrong on that one. 

Leaving the buttons caused me to realize Mother steered me right with her advice, during this adventurous time of my life.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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