Tuesday, February 7, 2017


One of the more unusual things I did, while growing up in Southeastern Kentucky, was Pawpaw hunting  .

We'd go, in the fall,  usually during  September when Pawpaw's were at their early  stage of ripening .

The bottomlands near home, provided  a good place to look for them  . 

What  in the world is a Pawpaw, and what does a pawpaw tree and Pawpaw fruit look like you may ask?

The tree is a small, tropical~looking tree, seldom taller than 25 feet. Grows well in Kentucky and other southern states and does  its best in full sunlight, or it can do pretty well In the shade. 

 Some Pawpaw patches never fruit, because all the trees are actually root sprouts from off the original tree,This is why Pawpaw trees dug up in the wild, rarely survive.

The delicious and nutritious Pawpaw fruit, looks a lot like a short fat banana.

They have a fragrant aroma, a custardy texture, with kind of  a  tropical taste, and they contain  seeds .

 The best ones are rich creamy and sweet ,reminding you  of banana cream pie

Pawpaw's are very nutritional and offer a zesty  taste... like nothing else  you've ever tasted of.

Making them a treasured find.

Some people, kept Pawpaw locations a secret .

Thinking, the less other people knew about  the zesty fruit and its where abouts, the better chance they had of reaping a  good harvest  for themselves.
Perhaps we may never know the real reason, for their secrecy .

I can only attest to how good they were to eat when you found some of them.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,   Coleman

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