Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Tuberculosis one of the leading causes of death during the 30's thru the 50's became  a major concern in Kentucky

Those infected with the disease had to be isolated from society and placed in sanatoriums.

I remember it getting pretty bad in Southeastern Kentucky were we lived, during that time.

A new hospital for treating Tuberculosis was built in... London, our home town in the 50's.

Symptoms of this highly contagious disease included violent coughing, deep pain, and gasping for breath.

Being around some one with these symptoms, was a reason to be concerned.

The vapor droplets from the cough,  was one of the main ways it was transmitted.

Many of the Health Departments in  Eastern Kentucky.

Stepped up their effort during this time , visiting schools immunizing  for typhoid, chicken pox, Diphtheria, and  examining for symptoms of  the Tuberculosis disease  .

Thank God none of our family got TB .

Also thank God for the discovery of Penicillin, which was key in helping to contain it in a few  short years.

The hospital built in London wasn't needed anymore after that .

As a result ,  people who worked there lost their  jobs,  but that didn't bother them, they were  glad   a cure for Tuberculosis had been found . 

Today the hospital remains at its original site  .

 Driving by it, you are reminded of the roll it played, in helping to wipe out TB .

The success achieved there,  was nothing short of a Miracle .

Thank God, for modern day technology and people who work in the medical field  they've help save countless lives.

Making it possible to close sanatoriums, like the one built in London .

And leaving behind only memories of the dreadful disease that , once was rampant there . 

Until Next  Time.    God Bless.

My Meditation by,  Coleman


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