Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Flood Of 1957

The flood of January-February 1957 in southeastern Kentucky was a  strange time, for that part of the State .

Heavy rains of up to 6 to12 inches fell over an extensive area of Kentucky causing extreme flooding .

London where we lived was spared from most of the  heavy flooding , Corbin...Barboursville...Pineville.... Manchester...Hazard... Williamsburg... didn't fair so well.

Corbin had up to 10 feet of water in its downtown area.

Barboursville 10 feet  .

Williamsburg with 3  feet or more .

Laurel River near our home;  was out of banks several days causing widespread flooding and damage  a long its path.

The  U.S. Army assigned  helicopters to transport food, medical supplies, and clothing into the stricken
area's, They were headquartered at the London, Ky. airport.

Along with the U.S. Army helicopters, Army Engineers from Fort Knox  Kentucky were stationed there as well..

Units of the National Guard were called in by the Governor for duty, to help distribute relief supplies, and  perform security duties,  as well as assist in the cleanup work.

Eisenhower was President at the time, he declared the flooded region a disaster area.

Kentucky got National attention during the flooding.

 I remember no one in our community had ever seen anything like this happen in  their life time.

 People volunteered, and helped one another, and with the aid received  from the State and Federal Government,   they were able to clean up and rebuilt the area pretty fast.

Today  if you were to tour the same areas, you would never know such a disaster ever took place .

Everything looks free from flood damage and is modern, and up to date now.

Many people thought at the time of the flooding, they might not ever see that happen .

But when Southern people pull together (Nothing is impossible they say)  good things can happen as they did in this time of need.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman Schell

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