Wednesday, December 14, 2016


My first attempt at a construction project.

Happened when I was about six years old,  I got the idea to build a home for the little  wren birds that  kept coming back from migration to our home in Kentucky each year .

 I took a liking to these little birds, and wanted to help them out.

The wrens had been building their nest on our front  porch for awhile.

Pondering the thought of my project .

One morning while mother was cooking breakfast for us,   the idea came to me, why not  use the empty oat-meal  box she discarded from oat-meal making for a bird house .

 I set to work figuring out  how I might do that, seemed all I needed to do was  cut a hole in the side of the box, for the wrens to squeeze through, and  they'd  have  themselves a tidy little home.

Wasn't sure if that idea would be satisfactory  with the Wrens or not.

I  fastened the oat meal box to one of the post on our porch, put the lid back on  and waited for the wrens to respond.

To my surprise they liked it rather well, and moved in  right away

Even when no help is available or proper housing is  found, these little birds seem to find a way to build themselves a nest.

Their nesting and feeding habits are easily observed if you are a bird watcher, they tend to be somewhat tolerant of humans.

These tireless little birds, are in constant search for insects, which can be a real asset to a gardener.

I was pleased I found a way to put mother's discarded oat meal box to use that morning as I watched the Wrens using it that year.

I still love watching these little birds, when I get a chance, they remind me so much of the time I built  that first bird house  for them and how happy I was watching them use it.

Sad to say: from what I see today, these little wrens are becoming extinct, I hardly ever see them anymore.

My brother Darrell says he still has some that come to his home every year, I hope they find away to survive.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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