Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Poor but Proud

Just about everyone in our community was poor when I was growing up.

So we didn't notice being poor much more than anyone else did.

If it hadn't been for Mother and dad living on a farm and growing a good portion of what we ate, we probably would have starved.

The farm we lived on, was a life saver it provided most of what we needed.

Our domestic animals and  the wild game  we came up with ,supplied us with meat for our diet.

Dad always tried to have some chickens on the farm to provide us with eggs.

 Occasionally he would  take a pullet or two from the flock, so that Mother could fix a hardy mess of chicken and dumplings  .

By the way that: still is one of my favorite dishes she made .

 Fruits and berries, were  plentiful, and we took advantage of that by canning as many, as we could .

We learned how do with what we had, that's the way we lived; it wasn't easy or pretty some times.

Occasionally dad would take, some extra eggs, cream, or butter to market and sell that for a little extra cash.

 A few of our neighbors hunted Ginseng, and sold it for extra cash ,   but in the area we lived in for some reason, Ginseng was pretty scarce.

I often think how close we came to not making it during the 40's.

We lagged behind the rest of the country by years in most things.

We were poor, but  we were still proud, we didn't believe in asking for help unless it was a total emergency.

We shared what little we had with our neighbors and kin folks.

Dad often shared a mess of fresh meat, when he butchered a hog.

 He'd give a helping of vegetables from the garden  during summer months when some one needed something .

As I look back on those days, I'm convinced , God blessed our family in ways that were nothing short of miraculous .

Dad and Mother raised 10  of us children on so very little, compared to todays standards.

What they made for a year, would probably be less than what most folks make for a day in wages today.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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