Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Missing teeth and New Year's Eve

Missing teeth and New Year's Eve, a combination I want for get for awhile.

This story  happened  to me when I was around five or six years old.

I was missing my front teeth terribly bad, I had recently lost.

I started talking less and less about that time of my life and wishing my teeth would grow back in soon, in fact soon couldn't be  soon enough for me.

Sitting around the fireplace with Mother and dad and my sisters, on a cold blistery New Years Eve.

Mother was teaching us children how to make a Jacobs ladder using a piece of string.

I declare it looked easy when she did it, and she could do it fast, my sisters picked up on the instructions right away and they made it look easy also; but when I started trying to make one for myself.

Not so for me it was frustrating to say the least, I must have started and stopped my attempt twenty times or more before I finally managed to complete a Jacobs ladder.

String games can be fun and challenging I found out and  they can test your patience.

For us kids the string games offered something to do on a long wintery night , and it helped me   for- get my teeth were missing for awhile that night.

Don't know if children still do the string games anymore or not; I never see anyone doing them .

Since T.V. and electricity hadn't come our way yet in the 1940's, bed time for our family was around 8pm, I was still trying to master my Jacobs Ladder thing when that time arrived.

Family policy was the last one in bed had to blow out the lamp and stoke up the fire, I barley made it with out being last.

Being last wasn't  all that bad though, since the fireplace was still burning bright and gave out a lot of light for you to see how to get in bed.

Missing your teeth when you are young is an inconvenient thing for sure, and about the same when you get older.

I've experienced  both of those worlds in my life time and so far have made it through both of them .

May God ponder upon you His Marvelous Blessings, and give you Health, Wealth, Peace, and Happiness during the coming year.


Until Next Time.    God Bless.

My Meditations By,  Coleman

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