Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Tater-Knob  one of the higher points of elevation in Laurel County, Kentucky.

Provided a back drop for our home, just down the holler  a bit from it. 

Each morning when the sun came up... The-Knob... reflected its brilliant  rays of  sun-light  up on our home.

 On cloudy days,  clouds hovered over its peak, as if they were attracted to it .

From Tater-Knob, you could see many of the  neighboring farms down below , and on a  real clear day, you might see up to five or more miles in any one direction .

There were other Tater-Knobs in adjoining Counties to Laurel; perhaps  some higher and maybe  even more beautiful .

But  speaking for our local Tater-Knob it was my favorite , I loved going up  there to visit and browse around, when I had  the time.

 Some of my favorite things to do while up there were listening to   the peaceful sounds of the wind as it made its way  thru the  pine trees, and to hear the tingling sounds of cow bells, down in the valley below.

The Knob was  haven to birds, through out  the year.

Many different species called it home.

 Wild grapes grew abundantly there in the fall and Holly trees displayed their bright colors of  green and red  in the winter time giving it a Christmas like atmosphere . 

 Winter green a dark green plant often found on the ground of the knob, had a  Spear-mint chewing gum smell!  and made a refreshing and minty tea!

An abandoned wagon trail... stretched across  the Knob ... providing public access .

The rugged trail was seldom used  , because other roads, offered better and safer modes of travel.

The trail was mostly used by fox hunters, and people like me who loved walking its rugged terrain .

The trail extended  for a mile  or so across the Knob  and  adjoining ridges offering solitude and beauty like no other place I've ever been.

  Some of my fondest childhood memories were formed up there .

And they have remained with me strong in my heart and mind over the years.

I shall always treasure the time I got to spent on Tater-Knob.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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