Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Refreshing spring water

Cool fresh spring water flowed from under Neath the Rocky Branch road near my Uncle Tip and Grover Brocks home in Laurel County Kentucky .

Traveling the road on my way to and from school, I often stopped for a  gourd full of refreshing water .

 The water from the spring was way to cold to drink straight down, so you had to sip it from the gourd, other wise it would actually hurt your teeth, when you drank it .

The water was so good many others like myself passing by , would  stop and get themselves a drink of the crystal clear water,using the same  gourd fashioned from Uncle Tipp's home grown supply  .

The  community gourd  always hang from a nail on the side of an oak tree near the spring, for all to see when they stopped .

 There were several other oak trees near the spring,  providing a cool surrounding, and a good  place, to  shade and rest for a bit during the summer time.

 Uncle Grover had built himself a storage shed near the spring and  from there you could see his black farm truck, that he kept parked there.

Often while at the spring, I'd glance over at the truck and reminisce of the times, I had gotten to take a ride in the back of it to town, with Uncle Grover.

Many years have  come and gone by since those  early days of school ,and stopping by the spring for my cool drinks of water .

When I go back today to visit Uncle Tipp and Grover's old place , not much remains of the way I remember the spring being .

The spring has been capped and no longer  available to get a drink from...it is now being used by Brock relatives... to  pump water into their homes .

The tall oak trees are gone, the shed and truck are gone, about all that remains are the memories, I made while  visiting there, as a youngster.

 I'm glad I got to make those memories while I was  going to school and that they still  remind me of the good cold drinks of water I took from the spring ,so many years ago.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

Coleman Schell

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