Monday, November 21, 2016

Family Tradition

In my family, family traditions were far and few between.

But we did have one that we always tied to keep, and that one was rabbit hunting.

Rabbit season usually started in Kentucky in early November and lasted until the last of the year.

Some of our favorite places to hunt, were in the bottom lands and hills of Laurel County.

Some times the going got pretty rough in those places  due to briar tickets and swamp lands, but that's where our Scouts came in.

Two black and tan beagles, and a couple mix breed dogs we called sooners.

They could maneuver through the places we dared not go with ease.

When they'd jump a rabbit you never heard such yelping and yodeling in all your life.

Dad said that was one of the things he enjoyed most about our traditional hunts was listening to those dogs chase a rabbit.

Often we'd have five or more hunters, depending on how many Uncles and neighbors showed up .

We tried to end our hunt by noon since Mother and my Sisters usually had Thanksgiving dinner ready by then and we didn't want to miss that .

If we finished our hunt early enough we'd dress some of the rabbits and Mother would fry them and make some rabbit gravy ...(which was a big hit with all.)

How we got the Hunting tradition started I really don't know, but until I was grown we did our best to keep it going.

Thanksgiving is a blessing in disguise. With your friends and family near this year, make this day as special as you can and thank them with your heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

Until Next Time.     God Bless.

My Meditations,     Coleman Schell

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