Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tall Tales

At night our world pretty much closed down, the woods  and fields near by, were lonely and some what  mysterious.

Sometimes late in the evening Grandpa (Cap)Parman would stop by to get  fresh water from our well, and he'd  often unfold some of the dark tall tales of our ancestors, and some that he had heard from others over the years.

Stories of hunting trips, ghost tales and strange occurrence's were amongst  them. 

The ones about "haints" (ghost) and  the such, were some of my favorites.

 Our grandpa (Cap)  was a terrific  story teller, and he enjoyed telling you the scary ones .

Once he told us one: that he'd heard from Matt Durham a local neighbor and friend of his, it was supposed to have taken place in a corn field near an older gentleman's  home.

 Corn had been planted near the home, so the old fellow could keep a eye on it, and  keep the varmints out, as well as the  moonshiners  .

One dark night while walking by his corn patch.

The old gentlemen heard something come right up to him and start eating the big ears of corn from the stalks,  making a crushing sound like nothing he'd  ever heard.

The next day, when it was day light enough for him to see, he went back to check on the damage to the corn  patch ,and maybe  find a foot print or something to let him  know, what had happened. 

To his surprise, no corn  had been  damaged or eaten from the  stalks, or were there any signs of anything ever being in the corn patch .

 Mysterious in nature, and unsolvable by reason was this tall tale  of Matt's according to (Cap); the  only reasonable explanation grandpa(Cap) said was,  in his opinion it must have been a "haint' or (ghost) .

Who could argue with Matt's or Grandpa's opinion on that one, or the opinion of  what the old man heard in his corn patch. 

It was getting close to sundown by the time Grandpa (Cap) finished  telling the story , and left with his buckets of water for home. 


Southern  def., ghost, apparition, lost soul

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,   Coleman

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