Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sunday Morning Gathering

Renfro Valley Gatherin' ( formerly known as Renfro Valley Sunday Morning Gathering ) in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. Is one of the oldest continually broadcast radio programs in America,

The program first aired in September of 1943.

I attended the Gatherin' in the 1950's for my first time.

The barn style building was home to the Saturday night barn dance, as well as the Sunday Morning Gatherin'.

How different the atmosphere was between the two from a night of  comedy, dancing and celebrating the care-free side of life, to a more sober and spiritual one on Sunday Morning .

 The  Sunday Morning Gatherin' began with an opening hymn (sung by a choir, and accompanied by a parlor organ), the hymn they picked that  day was" I'll BE SOMEWHERE LISTENNG FOR MY NAME."

The opening song was  followed by a listing of listeners' birthdays and anniversaries (limited to those 75 years or older or married for 50 years or longer.

The remainder of the program was themed, with the host John Lair, a great story teller reading short stories and monologues between , old-time gospel songs.

John; was host and founder of the Gatherin' and scheduler  of the guest who appeared on it.

 "The Coon Creek Girls" were a favorite guest  of the program,  they were the first all-girl band to appear on radio from that area .

Today when I drive by this wonderful place called Renfro-Valley... located just off Intestate I-75...In Rockcastle County Kentucky.

 I'm reminded of that first time  I got to visit the Gatherin'.

 And I'm totally convinced, the Renfro-Valley Barn Dance and Sunday Morning Gatherin'  are special events where time does stand still, and memories you form while there, do last you for a life time.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman 

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