Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Paper Doll's

Preston Lee, a entrepreneur in the lumber business   ... owned one of the few saw-mills near our home,  in Southeastern Kentucky, Preston cut house and barn patterns  .

That kind of work  wasn't always steady for Preston, so he relied mostly on farming. for a living.

Dad and Uncle Coy worked for Preston when he had  work .

I remember they'd leave early in the morning and wouldn't get home until  late in the evening.

Mother always packed dad's lunch for him when he worked; ...in a 8 lb. Lard bucket... that she'd saved from lard bought at the store .

Near the end of the day when the sun would be sinking low behind the hills , she'd  get us kids ready and we'd go out to meet them  .

Of course before we went ,we had to gather up our paper doll's and take them along, that we'd cut-out from a Sears Roe-Buck catalog.

The doll's were  pictures of people, with changeable clothes ,shoes, hats and so forth, with tabs on them for fastening them to the dolls .

Our favorite place for waiting on Dad and Uncle Coy , was a wide spot in the road  not far from the mill,  a place where there were lots of little rocks  .

There we built imaginary houses with the rocks for, our doll families . 

Time always went fast, while we were waiting  .

 Seems like before we knew it, Dad and Uncle Coy would come walking down the path, and it would be time to put our doll's away and head home.

Playing  with our  paper doll's and walking home with Dad and Uncle Coy .

Was one of the things I remember best that our family did when I was a young boy, that remains with me today.

Being out numbered, during those trips to meet Dad and Uncle Coy by my sisters, it was pretty much  playing with  paper doll's or else for me .

So Mother and my three sisters adopted me into the girl circle, and I joined in and had a good time, waiting with them for Dad and Uncle Coy, on saw-mill road .

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditation by,  Coleman

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