Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When T.V. came to our neighborhood

During the early 50's our neighbors Earl & Opal Williams were the first to own a television set in our neighborhood.

They were happy about that, and honored to be the first.

To show their enthusiasm, they invited all of their neighbors and friends including our family to come visit them, and watch their new T.V.

 Our invitation came on a Friday night,  and my  very first view of T.V. was to see 
John Cameron Swayze doing the 6:00 pm news .

John was reporting on what was going on with the war in Korea, and about the out break of  Polio in the U.S.

Also about some big changes for cars being made in America.

 Cars were going to be fitted with automatic transmissions soon he said.

 It would be a big improvement over manual shifting transmissions when that happened.

The commercials  on his broadcast were as  interesting as the news for me, the commercial I remember most,  was one  about Timex watches.

Where he recited the tagline "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking." that line has stuck with me ever since.

A couple years later we got our own T.V.

WATE , Channel 6 from Knoxville Tennessee  became our favorite channel.

The Cas Walker program, was a local country music show hosted by former Knoxville Mayor, Cas Walker.

 Cas owned a chain of grocery stores in Eastern Tennessee, Southwestern Virginia, and Eastern Kentucky.

His show featured Dolly Parton when she was a little girl, way before she became famous.

Our family's introduction to T.V. got started that Friday night, by just  a simple little invitation from Earl & Opal Williams . 

And has brought our family much appreciation  over the years for the new way of life  they introduced us too.

Even when I watch  my T.V. today I'm reminded of Earl & Opal Williams kindness and friendship  they showed to our family that night, so many years ago.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditation by,  Coleman

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