Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rockcastle River

The Rockcastle River, whose flow forms the border of Rockcastle and Laurel counties, is one of Kentucky's best whitewater streams.

Named for its castle-like rock formations. It is about 60 to 80 feet wide throughout its length.

 And is noted for its native walleye population.

The River takes on many forms during its journey.

A trip down the lower Rockcastle is one of the most adventurous and remote trips into the Appalachian wilderness you can take without hiking maybe the Appalachian trail. 

I first visited the Rockcastle river as a young boy  with  Uncle Clarence Parman Nick-named (TUDD) and his wife Edna who took us there, for a Sunday evening  boat ride.

Uncle (TUDD) had an old friend that lived  near Livingston Kentucky, who  rented out  paddle boats for the river.

Mother and Dad  "Chickened Out On Us" by the time we got there and wasn't about to get into the boat with Uncle (TUDD) and Edna, no matter how much sweet talking  they used .

They  had come strictly for site seeing; and that was all...so sister Fern and I got to go for  our first boat ride... down the splendid  Rockcastle river.

In life jackets that didn't fit us all that well, but did make Mother and Dad feel better, that we had them on.

Uncle(TUDD) did the paddling  for us, as we made our journey down the slow moving waters of the little river,  passing  some of the most beautiful rock formations I 'd ever seen .

For a good while we drifted slowly along on the beautiful scenic river, soaking in its beauty.

 Uncle TUDD pointing out  some of the more notable scenes  along the way. 

 Eventually we made our way back to where we started from, and where we had left Mother and Dad.

By that time they were totally worried about us you could see it on their faces.

Dad from the time we were kids always cautioned us about being in water that was over our heads in depth, until we knew how to swim.

Made sense to Dad I suppose if to no one else.

Don't think he ever changed his view on that one as long as I can remember . 

I'm pretty sure him and mother were totally  relieved that day, when we returned the boat to Uncle TUDD's friend and headed home.

But for the rest of us, we'd had  wonderful time, paddling down the  amazing Rockcastle River enjoying all  the  Appalachian  beauty along the way.

Even though Sister Fern and I hadn't learned how to swim yet.

Until Next Time.  God bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman




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