Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Radio Station WFTG

During my teenage years, radio stations were starting to spring up all around London, Kentucky.

The first radio station we could hear from the Whitley, Knox, Laurel County area, was WCTT, of Corbin,  which began its operation in 1947.

 The station's program listings were pretty much ,bluegrass country and gospel .

 One of the old-time country groups  I remember hearing on the station , was Homer Lee Jackson and his Kentucky Hillbillies. 

Quite a group they were, they could keep you laughing doing their country style music.

Gospel quartets appeared regularly on many of the stations.

London Kentucky got its station in 1955 its call letters were WFTG  The call letters have informally been interpreted as, "Where Fine Tobacco Grows" due to its location in the tobacco trading district of London.

WFTG became Dads favorite radio station.... the station broadcast live local Church Services on Sunday evenings  and that was one thing dad enjoyed listening to.

Once he got interested in a program  it was hard to get him away from his radio,.

If you came by to visit dad on Sunday evenings during his favorite broadcast time, you most likely would be listening to the broadcast with him.

 Since dad didn't attend church regularly on Sunday's , at the time, the broadcast kind of, filled in for his worship time that he missed in Church.

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by, Coleman  

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