Tuesday, September 6, 2016

London Church Furniture

 My father Veltie Schell worked for  "London Church Furniture ." several years before leaving  because of a Medical Disability.

It was the best paying job he ever had, and one that he enjoyed the most . 

"London Church Furniture" came to London, Kentucky in 1953 and Dad started working for them a short time  later.

The Company manufactured pews and designed furniture for churches, funeral homes, and courthouses,  throughout the eastern United States.

Their quality of work was second to none, and was good enough to be warranted  for 25 years of service.

Dad hired in as general labor, and soon move up, to  foreman  .

 Working from drawings  issued to him and  using his good judgment of lumber , dad was able to amaze   management  with his judgmental skills.

When he was forced to retire after the stroke he was sorely missed.

The supervisor  for London Church Furniture came by, several times while he was recuperating  to check on him , and  personally thank him  for his service with the Company .

Meant a lot to Dad;  because he longed to go back to work at London Church Furniture, but was never able to.

If your Church has pews made of wood and your Church is located in the Eastern part of the United States, good chance Dad and his crew cut the lumber for them .

And most a surely your Church pews, funeral home, or  city's court house furniture, will get  its 25 years of warranted service.

Because of the skillful craftsmanship built into them by the family of workers at "London Church Furniture" .

Until Next Time.   God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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