Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sweet Potatoes: Ain’t Nothin’ Better

Sweet potatoes. Fresh from the oven, with plenty of butter, you have never tasted anything so good in all your life.

They were a good  snack when we came home from school, or they were good at dinner time.

Mother often baked them during the day, and they would still be warm in the oven, for us after school.

Before you could do all that  good eating though, you had to grow them  first , which was a bit time consuming.

Dad would begin in April, starting his slips in a hotbed.

He'd dig out an area about 1' deep, in the ground lay down 2" of straw  and cover it with 4" of fresh horse manure topped by about 3" of loose and leveled sandy soil.

Picking out some of his best sweet potatoes from the previous year's crop he'd lay them on this bed, topped with another 3" to 4" of very sandy soil, and water them.

Then lay some burlap bags over them until they started sprouting.

When the plants were about 5" tall dad  transplanted them to the garden.

Into  mounds of soil that he had prepared  and made up especially for them .

 The long awaited moment of Harvesting of the sweet potatoes  would began as soon as they reached a usable size about three months later.

Dad would always Harvest a few of the tubers first to see if they were large enough, before digging the entire patch.

Baked sweet potatoes, Fried sweet potatoes,  Sweet potato pie they were all good; it was hard for me to find one of them I liked better that the other.

Being from the South, personally speaking (Ain't nothin better) if you're into southern soul food; than a mess of sweet potatoes !

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by,  Coleman

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