Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lesbas Post Office

Lesbas post office, was about five miles east of London Kentucky off Hwy 80, its Postmasters were  Henry & Mable Sherman.

Henry was  a good stone mason, and  built himself a home using field stone.

The home was located a long side highway 830 in Lesbas, Kentucky.

Henry selected the stone he used, from the local area  .

When people walked or drove by this marvelous  home they marveled at his craftsmanship, and the homes uniqueness .

Across from the one of a kind home,  Henry built himself  a work shop using the same kind of  field stone.

 Half of this building was later used for the post office.

I remember while still living with mother and dad, going there to the  Post Office  picking up packages, from  Sears and the Montgomery Wards catalog  company for mother.

Mother loved  ordering  from the catalog Companies ,much like women today love going to Penny's or Kohl's shopping.

 And  another thing Mother loved was, writing  letters.

While at the post office , she had me pick her up some postal stamps  .

At that time postage stamps were I think only 3 cents each.

The ones I bought for her were called Liberty stamps ,they had a picture of the Statue Of Liberty on them and written on the stamp were the words, "In God We Trust".

That same stamp today according to collectors unused is worth about ten dollars .

I should have bought a bunch of them that day,  and started myself a collection.

How does that ole saying go?  after thought is much better than fore- thought .

I'm pretty sure that applied to me in this matter.

 The old Lesbas Post Office has been closed  for many years now.

 Henrys master pieces that he erected there in Lesbas  with field  stone  have weathered time, and they are still standing  just as he built them .

In this most beautiful place, Henry & Mable called "Heaven On Earth" and their home for many years.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditation by,  Coleman

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