Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Home remedy's

Growing up in the south  some of the old folks had  unusual and unconventional methods for treating a nail puncture wound.

Some of the treatments we used in my younger days, seem unimaginable in the world we live in now.

Especially with all the modern day doctoring and drug store remedy's available to us today.

Sort of makes you think the days we lived in back then, were a bit obsolete and crud to say the least.

It seems today we have a fix  for about anything that ales you, including tutus shots,  pain pills, antibiotics, you name it .

But things haven't always been that way.

I can remember when home remedies were all we had .

And I can attest to their healing ability's.

Once I stepped on a rusty nail while helping dad do some repair work on the barn.

I had my shoes on, but a nail went through the soles of my shoes .

I didn’t realize I’d stepped on it, until I tried to move and my shoe wouldn’t budge.

It wasn’t until I jerked my foot up and felt a twinge of pain that I realized the nail had punctured my foot.

After pulling my shoe off, I quickly saw the blood soaking my sock and knew I needed help.

Dad sent me to the house to visit Doctor Mom for first-aid.

Wasn't sure what her treatment would be ,I just knew if anybody could fix it, it would be mom.

Mom washed my foot good with soap and water, then she got the kerosene can out, and poured some kerosene in a pan, soaked my foot good in the kerosene.

Then she dried my foot  off, and placed a piece of salt pork over the puncture wound,  and wrapped it good with a piece of bed sheet cloth she'd torn from a sheet

And then she sent me back out to help dad finish the project , my foot barley got sore and it was well in a few days.

Thanks to Doctor Mom, I was good as new soon , minus the doctors bill,  don't know what we would have done with out our home remedies in them days.

Until Next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditation by, Coleman

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