Monday, July 11, 2016

White Butter

Many times I wonder about our culture and where it is going.

 Head long into the future so fast it is nearly impossible to keep pace with  all the technology we have these days .

  In this modern world I see the vast majority of people have lost touch with the low tech skills of not that long ago.

Most everyone I know is very adept on the computer and I stare at it in amazement and appreciation (and I can barley turn one on myself. 

One thing I notice about the young generation and their majesty of our new world Is hardly any of them know how to make butter anymore, like our generation did.

It tickles me when I tell young folks we had white butter when I was growing up.

They say you're kidding me; never heard of, or seen white butter.

Most all them have grown up in the city where  their butter comes from the stores.

The same young folks will ask this question, what did we put in it to make it white?”

I tell them the cow has the answer to that question.

It is the cow's butterfat which controls the color.

The difference is when you use one cow's butterfat ,verses mixing it together with other cow's butterfat as modern dairy procedures' do today.

So if you want you some  white butter you have to work it out with the cow.

And if she is really good to you, you will have  yourself some white butter  and the best butter milk on the planet.

Jersey cows often produce a higher percentage of white butter than most other cattle.

Until next Time.  God Bless.

My Meditations by, Coleman

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